Travel Tees collaboration with Ebony Campbell Beauty is one we are very excited about, we are bringing makeup artist shirts’ that allow them to express their passion to the world, they are perfect for networking and marketing.

 Ebony Campbell is a makeup artist and travel addict. Well known for giving client's her signature look known as  "Fresh Face Glam".  Fresh Face Glam is a  graceful application and technique that results in the appearance of naturally glowing and beautiful skin. Her passion, dedication, and innovative creations have built her a career that is continuously evolving.

Her past experience's as a makeup artist for multiple makeup retailer's and being the lead makeup artist for Mogul Magazine has given her key essentials of being a true artist; that separate's her in city abundant of artists. Her ability to recognize, acknowledge and implement the needs and expectations of each individual client continues to be her tool in mastering a list of devoted clientele. Ebony’s appreciation, knowledge, and respect for the science behind makeup artistry, is what keeps her passionate and excited about the industry.